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Our Services


Bronze Package

At Alpha Marketing, we understand the impact of social media and a strong online presence. That's why we offer our Bronze Package, specifically designed for businesses that want to boost their brand development and growth. With this package, we will manage your social media accounts and develop a website tailored to your needs. We'll work alongside you to ensure that your online presence matches your unique brand identity, all while working within your budget.


Silver Package

Alpha Marketing's Silver package elevates your marketing strategy. It builds on the Bronze package, adding Facebook, Google, Instagram ads creation. We enhance brand and product marketing, offer ad audience feedback, and provide a customizable client-based app, averaging 10-15 ads/month. With our expertise, craft a robust strategy for increased engagement and site traffic. Choose Alpha Marketing today for tangible results!


Gold Package

Embracing comprehensive marketing strategies, Alpha Marketing's Gold Package goes beyond by including content creation, 12-hour daily customer support, and dedicated email marketing. With up to 20 monthly ads, we stand alongside your business, offering holistic improvement strategies and guidance, ensuring a more effective achievement of your marketing goals.

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